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Through collaboration and coordination, we create innovative IoT solutions that push the entire agricultural and environmental industries forward.
Partnerships are at the heart of everything we do and a key driver of our growth and success. In our quest to provide the best IoT technologies and solutions, we work with the most acclaimed local, regional, and international companies.

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IoT Experts helped us build a ready-to-deploy global IoT communication system based on a LoRaWAN network stack. They not only supported designing and integrating the system, but they also supported the project rollout – through and through. As an integral consulting arm to our business, we’re happy to continue working with them.
Revital Harpaz
If you want to design and develop your IoT system architecture, you should definitely work with IoT Experts. They helped us design an edge-to-cloud system that worked perfectly for our business – and we couldn’t be any happier working with them.
Yair Sharf
Autonomous Pivot
Working with IoT experts allows us to stay focused on our core business while having a seamless and successful IoT connectivity pipeline from our sensors to our customers.
Chen Karp

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